Mateo is a Director of photography born in Buenos Aires. His work goes from narrative films to commercial productions and music videos. He works from intuitiveness, to sense the projects and what they talk about as the director’s vision on the matter. From a young age, he was a cinephile who was raised in an artistic environment. Films and music gave him the liberty to experience art in different areas. He worked in various roles in the Camera & Electric department before he graduated from Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica from Film Directing career. He worked with directors such as Bernardo Konnonovich, Martina Giancaterino, Tom Espinoza, Ezequiel Crupnicopff y Florencia Mendoza. His works has been shown in many festivals including BAFICI, FAB, FESTICLIP, ROJO SANGRE and won prizes such EIKON PRIZE, PROMAX BDA and recently a Honorable Mention for his Cinematography in “Muertos de Amor” in ROJO SANGRE. Currently works as Director of Photography and writes the script for his first feature film. His latest works includes “Aguafuerte”, “La niña”, “Muertos de Amor”, “DJ Kiera” .




Germaine Michelle Blanc (+549) 1136894405

"Horizonte" FAB 11 Official Selection 2023

Honorable Mention to Photography "Muertos de Amor" Short Film BARS 2022

"CYVR Monogatari" LIFT-OFF Sessions official Selection 2021

"Vivir de sueños" Ex-Colorado BAFICI [23] Video Musicale Selection 2022

"Vivir de sueños" Ex-Colorado Festi Clip Video Musicale Selection 2022

Promax BDA Short Form Spot Or Campaing Winner FOX HD "Vikings" 2018

Winner Eikon Prize for Social Marketing BAYER “Pequeños Grandes Momentos” 2018

"Tal vez Despues" BAFICI [16] Official Selection 2014